Shocking: These Guys Made A Move On Their Friend's Girl

Ever heard of the bro code? 

Well it's just a little system that guys created to ensure that each of them would be entitled to their own. 

In a group of guys if one of them already has eyes for a girl the others should respect his feelings and stay away. This is what’s called the "bro code". 

Sometimes, it goes even further. Like, for example, if the guy and girl hit it off and after several years they break up; his friends don’t pursue her even if they like the girl. It’s an unspoken word of honor between guys.  

However, there are times where the bro code is not honored.  This is especially true when one of the other friends is too playful, or if by some ill chance of fate, they don't know that the girl is already taken by one of their friends.  


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