You Won't Believe What This Guy Pulls Out From Under His Tongue - So Gross!

Warning: The following video features graphic images which may not be safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

The body is a temple, but even temples can get messy from time to time.

Netizen Brandon Douglas was bothered by a painful growth located right underneath his tongue. He decided to pull it out himself and share his findings in a Youtube video.

What he squeezed out was a really nasty looking yellowish stone covered in mucus.


Douglas then went on Reddit to find out what exactly he extracted from his mouth. Sure enough, he was informed that it was salivary stone – a calcified object formed inside salivary glands or ducts.

Douglas paid a visit to his dentist to confirm his findings. The dentist believes that the stone must have been forming in his tongue without him detecting it. The dentist also thinks that Douglas may need to drink more fluids to prevent more stones from developing.

"Dentist said it was probably a stone developing. Four days later I end up pushing that bad boy out.I guess it’s from not staying hydrated and some other factors. I stay pretty hydrated so I’m hoping it was a fluke." Douglas posted on Reddit.


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