An Old Man Faked His Death To Bring His Children Back Together Again For Christmas. Watch The Touching Video Here!

Christmas is the time when families get together. At this time of the year, people who work overseas find time to go home to be with their families. For them, Christmas will never be the same without their loved ones. 

However, in the mid of hectic schedules, this practice of families being together for Christmas celebrations is becoming less common. Working children are now too busy with their careers that they do not have the time to be with their families anymore. 

This is a video of an old man who had long wanted to celebrate Christmas with his family. But his children were so busy with their work that it was impossible for this to happen. The first part of the video showed her daughter sending a message that she would not be able to make it for Christmas and would try again next year. The video also showed the old man eating alone.

So the old man devised a way to bring his family together: he sent them a text message saying he is already dead. 

Upon receiving the message, all his children went home right away. To their surprise, they found out that their father was still alive. The old man said “How else could have I brought you back together? 


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