GF Catches BF In Bed With Her Best Friend, But What Happened Next Shocked Everyone!

Cheating stories are very popular on social media, and it is no wonder why. Some people just like seeing other people's hearts broken and their fantasy of 'forever' sullied. 

But of course, prank videos are also popular, so some bright guy from Youtube with the name of DerekDeso figured that it would be a good idea to do a mix of the two. What did he came up with? This viral prank video of him pranking his GF that he is cheating on her with her best friend. 

The prank went well as planned. The GF saw his BF in bed with her best friend, getting it on with the sexy time. After an outburst, the GF then approached her best friend, and surprise! she kissed her. They made out!

It turns out that the best friend and the GF also have a different plan. They pranked the boyfriend so that it looks like the they, too, are having an affair. 


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