Check out This Man Who Was Caught Touching Himself While Looking at Female Models at Car Show!

Car shows are bound to have female models what’s one without them, right? After all, it’s a way for manufacturers and car dealers to lure customers to their market, which is predominantly male. This is where they can ogle the latest cars and let’s admit it the girls who are modeling too. 

In the Philippines, guests can only take pictures with the ladies standing beside cars but they can't touch them or do anything with them. 

In China, however, a man was caught masturbating while attending a car show. A video of him was uploaded to YouTube by user ‘AxiomaticVids.’

According to the caption, the man had “nothing left to lose.” It was a thirty-second long video which began with the man squatting low behind a white car. 

A lady with a short skirt was beside the car. The man had something covering him, but even so, it was quite obvious that he was fondling himself.

The camera switched to another angle and showed that there were two ladies in the man's view. One was wearing an extremely skimpy suit that was flesh colored, creating the illusion that she was naked. This was probably the girl the man was wildly thinking about. 


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