He Made This Girl Hold Something While Blindfolded. When She Found Out What It Was, She Was TOTALLY Freaked Out!

Remember what your mom told you about talking to strangers? She was wrong. Because what she actually meant to say was "Do not take blindfold challenges from strangers." 

This is what the people in the video below learned the hard way. 

In the viral prank video, one guy dared strangers to touch something while blindfolded. It seemed like a little harmless challenge at first when he was still giving them ordinary stuff.

But when he took out one mystery item, hilarity ensued. CLUE: It's bouncy. It's wrinkled. It's hairy. And it's totally disgusting.

Find out what he made them touch while blindfolded here:

It was just a toy ball sac, but the reactions it drew from the participants were totally hilarious. 


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