Hilarious Advertisement by Lubriderm Had Netizens Tagging Their Crush! CHECK THIS OUT!

An ingenious promotional video, it seems, has recently gone viral online after making rounds on social media.

The video posted by Facebook page Curtis Lepore on March 20 created a buzz as it garnered an overwhelming 8.1 million views as of writing, and about 133,000 reactions, 42,000 shares, and 19,000 comments.

The video with the caption, "When you see your crush" was made by Dave Farese Films featuring two people who bumped into one another and ended up using the product as their imagination took them to places.

You need to see it for yourself to understand what had people buzzing over the video!

What's even more hilarious aside from the video is the statement at the end of the video that read, "Tag your crush". And unbelievably, the video seemed to have inspired many as it had netizens tagging their crushes at the comment section!


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