MUST SEE: Check out These Twins on CCTV Footage Trolling Their Dad!

It’s always amusing to watch CCTV footage, especially if they feature hilarious acts or something you wouldn’t expect to see. After all, there’s just an inner voyeuristic thrill we get when we see people who don't know they're being viewed by the camera. 

Just take this weird yet hilarious clip that was uploaded on YouTube by ‘Just4Joy.’ The description of the video noted that two-year-old twin brothers, Andrew and Ryan Balkin, were having the time of their lives when their parents were out.

At the beginning of the video we see the toddlers sneaking out from their cribs and sitting on the couch, where they immediately begin to stack some pillows. After a few moments, they start to stack more pillows on the couch until it looks like a small hill. 

Unfortunately, their father sees them and he puts the twins back in their crib. He also rearranges the pillows and places them back to where they came from. But once he leaves, the twins are at it again! 


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