Must Watch: Vice Ganda 'Pinagsamantalahan' Ng Showtime Hosts!

For the past years, the Kapamilya noon-time variety show 'It's Showtime' has been a part of the lives of the people both at the studio and those watching at home. The Showtime hosts had provided fits of laughter, joy and tears to their viewers as they captured everyone's hearts.

More than anything, what made people love showtime is the evident bond of the hosts that goes all the way behind the Showtime stage. Every once in a while, hosts would share videos of their fun times together while at the studio, the dressing room or elsewhere. 

And just recently, Vice Ganda shared a video where he became the subject of ridicule and laughter. The comedian was seen in the video inadvertently exposing his underwear.

When Vice realized that there was a camera around, he began throwing a fit while everyone around laughed. Despite his fit, Vice later became a bit more comfortable and openly posted after attempting to hide. Vhong, who was the one behind the video, also showed himself.


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