MUST WATCH! You'll Never Guess What Happened to These Men After They Grabbed a Huge Anaconda From This River!

Imagine that you were going out for a fish in such a bright, sunny day. You are fully equipped with the right tools and a keen desire to catch a big fish. But what happens when you caught a huge snake instead? 

Snakes in water are not an uncommon scenario, especially in countries like Brazil where creatures of the wildlife are abundant. 

In fact, they are often caught by the mostly unsuspecting fishermen who usually risk their lives to either get the snake and earn money, or just fight off the animal in order to protect themselves from danger. 

A video was uploaded on YouTube by ‘Animal Wire’ which featured men catching a huge snake—an anaconda, to be specific.

According to the report, they were able to provoke the anaconda with their wooden oar. The snake tried to swim away from them in order to protect itself but the men were not having it. 

“They continued to prod it for several minutes and as expected, the distressed reptile swims out in an attempt to escape the abuse,” was the video’s narration. 

The snake’s midsection was found out to be swelling in what appears to be its last meal--probably a capybara, as the report said. This has caused the snake to have a hard time moving and escaping from the men. 

The Brazilian Environmental Authorities, meanwhile, have decided to impose punishment against them for committing a violation of the country’s wildlife protection laws. 


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