Nanny Cam Captures Baby Doing Something Strange. What The Baby Does Will Shock You

Most Parents end up getting a camera in their baby's room so they can see what their little rugrat is up to without having to get up and go to the room.  In years past all parents' had access to was a radio baby monitor that would let you hear the goings on, now we have full on night vision so you can see your child sleeping soundly or, more likely, crying incessantly looking for nourishment or attention.

Connor, the baby in this video (we deduce this by the fact that "Connor" is spelled out on the wall), starts crying in the middle of the night, but what he does next is what all the hub-bub is about.

He starts crying then gets up on top of the wooden railing of his wooden crib. Balancing on the beam he continues to cry out while flailing his arms.  And as quickly as Connor got up on the railing, he fell backwards safely onto his back; and of course, he continues crying.

Some Netizens believed that Connor's parents are terrible for not attending to him immediately. Others Defend the parents by stating that the video is hardly a minute long and the parents were probably there immediately. While other netizens suspect that Connor has had a brush with the paranormal, believing that he was possessed by a demonic entity.


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