3 Ways You Can Spot If a Girl is Still A Virgin

No matter what your ‘bros’ may tell you, spotting a virgin girl is a difficult activity. Unless you’re a doctor with access to their most intimate bodily functions then you’re never gonna know if a girl is a virgin or not.

Some girls are flirtatious while others are shy and quiet. Most guys use the ‘slut’ stereotype to separate the non-virgins with those who are. But who can really tell? 

Here are three behavioral clues which should let you know if a girl is a virgin or not.

1. Anatomically
A woman’s hymen is the surest way to find out if a woman remains a virgin or not. However, a torn hymen may not even be an indicator of a woman’s s*xual awakening. Also, you can’t really check a woman’s private areas in public unless you’re a scumbag.

Sometimes a hymen may break due to a the physical activities such as horseback riding or bike riding. 

If a girl is intimate with certain toys for self pleasure, then she’s definitely not a virgin.

2. Appearance
Virgins aren’t defined by what they look like or what they wear a woman in a s*xy dress may be more prudish than the one wearing casual clothes. The way a woman looks at you may indicate how often she has s*x, purely because she has a certain confidence when it comes to the discussion of the topic. Women with more experience will let it show in their mannerisms and personality.


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