PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: Father Installs CCTV in the House Because Daughter Complains of 'Annoyances'. Look What He Found in the Footage!

Americans are known to install CCTVs in their homes as a means of extra security.  It allows them to see and monitor their children even when they’re gone for work or out of the house.

Due to this, many clips of CCTV footage have found their way onto the internet, most particularly on YouTube. That's what happened to one father who installed two CCTVs in their house. 

According to the YouTube account ‘Edriu Rojek,’ his daughter told him that she was being “annoyed” or “bothered” by someone else in the house. This prompted the father to install the CCTV's in an attempt to see the one responsible for "annoying" his daughter. 

The first clip featured the girl playing with stuffed toys in a room. She was sitting on the floor and a lone doll could be seen behind her. Upon further inspection, one could see the doll’s face tilt slightly forward. 

No one else was inside the room except the girl herself, so the doll’s movement could only be explained through supernatural or a paranormal activity. 

The other clip showed the girl drawing on a table with a bunch of papers at her side. She was happily minding her own business when the papers suddenly flew. There wer no electric fans present and the curtains were all closed. 


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