Pinay Nurse's Husband Committed Suicide When He Saw Her Video Sc@ndal With an American Doctor!

Infidelity is one of the most common problems that shatter marriages worldwide. Men are often singled out for committing such acts when, in reality, women are guilty of it too. Such actions always result in terrible consequences on both the scorned and the unfaithful parties.  

A Pinay nurse reaped this consequence when she decided to cheat on her husband, a tricycle driver, with an American doctor.

The nurse’s video scandal with the doctor spread like wildfire across the internet, disappointing many who watched it. 

The most disappointing part, however, is that the nurse’s husband allegedly committed suicide upon seeing the video. 

According to the video’s caption, the Pinay nurse’s husband saw his wife’s video sc@ndal and promptly committed suicide afterwards. However, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the husband really did commit suicide. 

In the video, the American doctor is seen stripping off the Pinay nurse’s pants while she was lying down on a bed. The nurse shied away from the camera when the doctor attempted to take her blouse off. Eventually, the lady hid and went to one corner of the room out of the camera’s view. 

The doctor followed her and pulled her back to the bed to continue removing her shirt, which he succeeded in doing. Apart from hugging, kissing, and fondling, there was really nothing truly graphic about the footage.


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