Screaming and Banging Heard in Empty Hotel Room. What the Staff Found on the CCTV Footage Was Shocking!

Hotels are a great place. You just need to pay the fee, and you are entitled to a list of A-list services. Like a king size bed to your liking, clean bathrooms with a hot and cold water, luxurious bathtubs fit for a king, endless channels on TV and efficient room service. 

However, this hotel seems to be on the bad side. Visitors were complaining about a banging noise and screaming that seemed to come from one of its rooms, specifically room 209. The staff was surprised, since there was no one staying in that room. When they checked their CCTV, they were terrified by what they saw. 

The furniture was disarranged, the carpet ripped, and the shower was left open. Some who saw the CCTV even claimed to see a figure come out of the room and suddenly disappear. 


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