SHOCKING! This 10-Year-Old Girl Was Buried Alive by Her Own Father Simply Because She Was a Girl!

It’s not a secret that there are still some societies and cultures out there that highly favor males instead of females. In fact, some traditions in royal families do not allow female firstborns to inherit the crown and succeed the throne once the reigning monarch dies. 

No matter how old the firstborn daughter is, she has to give way to a male sibling for him to initially inherit the crown. Although there are some monarchies who have disbanded this law, there are still some who widely adhere to the patriarchal system. 

Case in point: Just look at this footage that was uploaded by YouTube user ‘Moricz Dzseni.’ According to the clip, Abdul Hussein wanted to bury his own ten-year-old daughter alive “because she was a girl.” 

A source cited that Hussein tied up his daughter and covered her mouth with a tape before he threw her to the ground while his wife was not at home. 

He even had a pit prepared for her in their backyard, where he cruelly filled it up with soil that reached to the poor girl’s chest. But according to the report, he was interrupted when his wife unexpectedly arrived home. 

Hussein covered his daughter’s head with a bamboo basket and decided that he would do the deed after his wife leaves the premises. 

Of course, the mom was puzzled as to where her daughter might be, so she questioned Hussein about her whereabouts. Some of their kind-hearted neighbors heard about the cruelty that her husband did, and was able to rescue the girl from being buried alive. 


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