SHOCKING: Woman From Thailand Commits Suicide by Jumping Into a Crocodile Pit! Watch!

A woman from Thailand has reportedly decided to end her life by jumping into a crocodile pit. 

According to sources, the woman was identified as Wanpen Inyai. She was 65 years old. 

Based on the accounts of witnesses, she jumped into the crocodile pit of the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm Zoo

The Bangkok Post said that the zoo staff was unable to do anything to help her because there were too many crocodiles in the pit which was also filled with water.

Wanpen's family said in an interview that she had been depressed for a while before the incident happened. 

She had apparently gone missing on the morning of her death. 

Reports say authorities only got to identify her when they saw her health insurance card floating in the pit after the incident. 

According to BBC's website, Wanpen was not the first woman to take her own life by jumping into the said crocodile pit. In 2002, a similar incident happened on the same farm. 


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