The Kissing Principal: Highschool Principal Went Viral After a Student Caught Him Amidst His Makeout Session with Secretary

Hearing the word principal, the first thing that would come to mind for the most of us is "respect" or "rules". Principals, for many, are a symbol of authority among students and teachers. However, it seems as if not every principal can live up to the expectations of those who look up to them.

In the Scholars Academy in Quartzside, Arizona, a principal identified by Daily Mail UK as Stephen McClenning was caught in a steamy makeout session with his own secretary. 

The video taken by 16-year-old student Myranda Garber lasted up to two and a half minutes. The shocking video soon leaked and became a subject of controversy not only in the academy but all across the globe.

"At first we could only see their legs, but they were obviously doing something. I got my phone out to angle it to see their bodies," shared Garber.

The video involving the professional educator for more than a decade was originally posted on Youtube.

Parents also expressed their disappointment upon the scandal that broke out. According to news sites, both were apparently married to different people.

A certain Cindy Joans even pulled her daughter out of the academy due to the incident. She explained: "This is totally uncalled for. They're supposed to be role models for our students there. This is on school campus, with our children present, while they are there, while these two are being paid."

Another mother spoke out; according to Erin Joslin: "They are supposed to be educating our children."

The incident has caused the principal to resign while the unnamed secretary was dismissed, said school board member Donna Dole.

McClenning was the school founder. He reportedly started the academy with only a hundred pupils. Their remote community was said to be an hour and a half bus ride going to the nearest high school.

On the other hand, netizens defended the principal and the secretary saying their capacity as educators wee not tarnished by the incident and should have been kept private.

"We did not need to know that sh*t. It had nothing to do with the kind of education those kids where getting. That was a private matter. That girl needs to take her ass to class and mind her own business," said Youtube user Christina 456.


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