This Babysitter Bruised and Battered This 1-Year-Old Child but the Police Allowed Her to Get Away. Why? Read This!

When parents entrust their children to a babysitter, they expect the same amount of love and dedication that they would give their own child. Unfortunately, some babysitters are just not trustworthy.

All too often, incidents of abusive babysitters occur. Although the physical pain the children were subjected to can heal, the anger, fear and guilt that the parents feel takes time to fade away. 

When an incident of abuse happened to a couple's child in Oregon, their rage against both the suspect and the police who handled the situation was immense. 

Upon entrusting their 1-year-old child to a babysitter, the couple went out on a date. But to their utter horror, they found welts all over their child's head and face once they got home. The poor child was bruised and battered by the babysitter. 

The couple then immediately reported the incident to the police. It led to a comprehensive investigation by officers and social workers. Documentation, medical reports and photographs were taken in order to provide the full details of the incident.

However, to the utter shock and dismay of the couple, the evidence provided was found inadmissible. Thus, it wasn't enough to incriminate the abuser. 

According to the outdated laws of Oregon state, medical and photographic evidence may be dismissed if the victim fails to identify the suspect and provide a verbal statement of the abuse.


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