This Will Surely Make You Laugh; Watch This Guy Put A Frog Down His Girlfriend's Shirt!

It is always fun to play pranks on unsuspecting friends and buddies. 

Their genuine reactions of shock and surprise are just priceless. It elicits laughter and happiness from everyone (the one who was pranked included, if they have a good sense of humor). 

For example, this guy in the video puts a little frog down his girlfriend's shirt. It looks like she was playing drums in the game Rock Band and it took a moment before the action registered a hilarious reaction. 

While all of us are laughing, you could see that the guy was chased out of frame and probably got a good whooping from his girlfriend.

You can see more of their antics on their YouTube channel PrankvsPrank where the couple pranks one another with paintball guns, beetles and pregnancy scares.  Nothing's off limits to these two.

Next time you plan to prank a friend, you might want to consider this one, oh, and be sure to run fast. 

Source: Chismix, YouTube