Watch Here! Julia Barretto Kicked Joshua Garcia in the Rear After Their Bike Ride!

A viral video has begun to circulate all over social media featuring Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia after their bike ride together.

Ever since their hit movie “Vince and Kath and James” (2016), fans can’t get enough of the partnership shared by Julia and Joshua.

However, this trending video has shown a different side to Julia.

In the video, the duo was spotted riding bikes together at an undisclosed location - having fun and being cute together. They were teasing each other as can be observed.

After the bike ride, Julia’s hand was visibly hurt. 

Playfully, she took some of her frustrations out on her friend Josh by kicking him right in his behind. 

Josh, for his part, appeared rather surprised at Julia’s antics but it was easy to laugh it off.


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