WATCH: Husband Saves His Mistress From His Furious Wife and Daughter!

Cheating has been a prevalent practice in the society. It is unfortunate that many people become victims of this painful choice.

Such a thing happened in this viral video posted and shared by online site The video shows a poor woman, who was allegedly a mistress, in the middle of the road. An enraged wife and her daughter mercilessly beat the woman who really looked helpless while bystanders were just watching them. 

Moments after, it was shocking that the husband approached the alleged mistress and helped her to stand up. He saved the poor woman from embarrassment and tried to walk away from the furious wife and daughter. However, the wife did not let him leave just like that so she grabbed the girl until she fell from the man’s arms. The beating and argument continued as the bystanders remained as their live audience.


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