WATCH: This Old Man Is Getting Married To A 12-Year-Old Bride And The Reactions From People Are Shocking!

Child marriages are prevalent in the Middle East. Many Arabic countries still subscribe in this kind of tradition where children as early as 10-12 years old get married to grooms who are 5-6 times older than them. In some cases, children who are yet to born are being promised to wealthy Arabs as child brides.

The video below created KAFA or ‘enough’ in Arabic shows an old man posing for a wedding picture with his 12-year-old bride-to-be. The little show-off sparked rage from bystanders and onlookers who can see them. Some of them were furious at the old man. Other also tried to grab the child away from her groom. People were enraged with what they saw and they showed intense reactions.

The video is a 16-day campaign project to fight Gender-Based Violence which includes child marriage in the Middle East. The video aims to raise awareness regarding this prevalent practice.

With the people’s reactions, it is evident that KAFA is quite successful with their goal-- a little spark of awareness can make a difference.


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