WATCH: Viral Twerking Video Of Sir 'JACKPOT' Jack and Rapsy Will Definitely Make You Question Your Existence!

Internet-famous peronalities Sir Jack Show and RAPSY made another video that drove the Facebook world crazy.

The former RBreezy Girl Group member Mariel Jane Russel Mallillin also known as RAPSY made social media users drool over her sexy curves and hot appeal as she danced her booty to this dance craze. Alongside her is Sir Jack Show who is known online for his hilarious Facebook posts and blog posts. He is also known for 'attracting' sexy online celebrities.

The video was posted on Sir Jack's Facebook account and was shared by Rapsy herself. As expected, comments from netizens who were amused and confused set the post's comment section on fire. While some expressed their admiration over Rapys's ability to socialize with different personalities, other criticized her for her way of getting fame and attention.

Most of them were amazed at how Sir Jack managed to keep his urge to himself especially since sexy Rapsy is grooving her body with him.

Moyzkie Santos Buenaflor: Isa ka talaga sa mga pinakabwenas na tao sa buong mundo Idol! Ka-level mo sila Bill Gates! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Gilboi Villarta: Hanip ka talaga jack, galing mo magpigil ah hahaha pa kiskis nga sa kuko mo

Elin Gallego: Idol n idol po tlga kita sir jack. Ang tinde mo po tlga! More video po plz... hahaha


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