WATCH: Wife Beats Husband’s Mistress And Rubs Chili Powder On Her Vag*na Right Outside the Street!

When husbands cheat, their wives often confront them and either try to move forward or just separate. However, there are cases when the wives put all their rage on their husband’s mistresses.

Such is the case of this viral video which spread like wildfire on social media. The short clip showed how two women beat another woman savagely after she was accused of being a mistress. The enraged wife mercilessly hit the alleged mistress on her face while another woman can be seen rubbing what identified as chili powder on the poor woman’s private part.  It can be seen that the mistress was in extreme pain as she could no longer stand up. The bystanders around them decided to help and tried to grab the poor mistress away from the angry wife. However, it seemed like this wild woman is unstoppable. 


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