We Bet You Won't Be Scared to Go to the Dentist Anymore Once You See What This Doctor Looks Like

Dental clinics are one of the scariest places for some people. In this place, patients experience the excruciating process of getting their teeth removed or fixed. Adding to the feeling of terror are the scary looking devices that dentists have which consists of tooth drills and syringes for injecting the patient with anaesthesia. 

On the other hand, if you have a dentist with such an angelic face, such as the one featured here in our story, your fears will surely go away.

Meet Dr. Marjan Nassiri, D.M.D. She is a graduate of Centro Escolar University and is already an expert in her chosen field. Usually, when a person says dentist, you’ll automatically equate it with scary thoughts but Dr. Nassiri could make you think again.

Upon seeing her, men immediately wish they have a few more damaged teeth so that theycould visit this lovely dentist on a regular basis.However, getting an appointment with her might be tough since she’s almost always fully booked. 

In fact, she has around 40,000 followers on her Facebook account. Who could blame her with her killer smile and looks?


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