You Need to See This: 5 Creepy Creatures Spotted on Video! #5 Is Unbelievable!

Despite the continuous advancement in technology, there are many things that remain unexplainable. Over centuries, many claim to have witnessed or encountered mysterious creatures that cannot be explained.

Some say all claims are a farce, some believe that it might actually be possible especially with such videos and photos backing up their claims. And although we cannot deny that technology has now provided us with the means to bring our imaginations to life through the use of editing and photoshop, these creatures seem to good to be fake!

The Ghostly Creature From WWII Tunnel

The video recorded from an old World War II tunnel in Japan, 1500 feet into the ground shows a strage entity walking through the wall. According to the video, the radioactive tunnels are not open to the public and the video was only recorded by engineers who were testing the radiation levels of the place.

The Humanoid Creature

A video said to have been taken from this home's backyard claims to have caught a mysterious humanoid on footage. After allegedly hearing an animal-like screeching from the back, the camera was able to spot the creature at the top of the rooftop staring at the owner.

The Crawly Creature

Footage from a Canadian Asylum that closed in 2000 allegedly spotted a strange crawling creature. A couple of friends roaming around the abandoned place heard weird screams from upstairs and soon spotted this.


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