Adorable Tiny Dragons Found And It Goes Viral Online!

Stories of mythical creatures have existed since time immemorial. In the Philippines, tales of the existence of dwendes, Kapres, and Diwatas have been told to us in order to educate us about the beliefs of our ancestors.

In other countries, mythical creatures like dragons are their version of our local mythical beings.

Obviously, the word ‘mythical’ means that they only existed in the imagination of the person who originally told the tale. 

However, a video has been circulating online claiming that dragons do exist.

A video of what seems to be a newly hatched baby dragon resting in its nest has gone viral all over social media.

The post was originally uploaded in a Thai page and quickly garnered the attention of many netizens. 

The alleged baby dragon in the said video looks like what we expect dragons to look like. The creature in the footage had green scales and a long tail.

In the video though, the dragon is just curled up in the nest and wasn’t able to show any movement which makes the footage quite doubtful.


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