Amazing! Motorcyclist Slides Out of Control in the Rain - Holds Girlfriend Tight And Protects Her From the Accident.

Like a scene straight out of an action film, a video has gone viral featuring a motorcyclist who saved his girlfriend after they had an accident. 

To begin this story, any experienced motorcyclist knows that riding a motorbike is fairly dangerous. It’s especially dangerous if you’re planning to ride in the rain wet roads, impaired vision: it’s scary. 

However, if you need to be somewhere and you only own a two-wheeled vehicle then what choice do you have?  

We’re unsure why this couple chose to brave the dangers of the rain, but here they are. 

The viral footage was shared by the Youtube channel JukinVideo and is helmet cam footage so we can see from the point of view of the driver. 

In the beginning of the video heavy rains fall on the road which appears to be from somewhere in Southeast Asia. 

Seven seconds into the video and the accident happens. The driver is tossed from his bike and starts to slide on the slippery road. There is a yelp behind the cameraman.  

Moments later, we see the nimble reflexes of the driver as he deftly reached out in front of him, grabs a hold of his girlfriend and holds her tight during the incident.  

20 seconds in the video and the couple stopped skidding across the street. While they both initially appeared to be all right the driver made sure to check on his girlfriend first.  

She appeared shaken and signaled that her leg may be injured.  

But otherwise the two of them survived a potentially fatal accident.  


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