CHECK IT OUT: See Liza Soberano's First Ever Catwalk Appearance Here as a Teen! She's so Amazing! Watch It!

Liza Soberano is definitely one of the most famous and most admired celebrities out there but did you know that before she made waves with her widely acclaimed beauty she was just a wannabe model?

That’s right; Liza joined the 100 Teens Fashionista of Metro Manila in 2011, back when she was just 13-years-old! 

According to Elite Newsfeed, Liza auditioned to be on the runway and in fact, was even asked by the judges to dance with the music. She was shot in both full body and in close-up view. 

The video of the actress’ throwback video was uploaded by YouTube user ‘mannydeguzmanjartist’ with the description, “LIZA SOBERANO's first catwalk - "The 100 Teens Fashionista of Metro Manila 2011".

In the video, we see a young (but definitely beautiful!) Liza walking on stage wearing a denim polo shirt and three-fourths shorts. 

She is gracefully posing and putting her hands on her hips, where she glances at the audience, pauses a bit, and then briefly strikes a pose with her hand above her head. 

One could see that she has the model walk on point because she does all of this in red high heels! 

User stemcells stimulator commented, “yeah I remember that Liza used to join in Innovision's contest. My niece joined too pero sa Kids edition. Way to go Liza!” 


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