Chinese Boss Filmed Doing Something Absurd to His Female Employees. Watch the Shocking Video Here!

Employees in the Philippines usually complain about their bosses due to a variety of reasons. This is because some supervisors abuse their authority over their employees. In China, however, the term “power tripping” goes to a whole new level as one boss requires his employees to do something unthinkable for him. 

A Chinese supervisor from a company in Beijing forces his female employees to give him a peck on the lips as part of their morning routine. It is akin to your usual morning roll call or attendance, except for the fact that you have to give your boss a mandatory lip smooch instead of clocking in. 

Obviously, this is a form of s*xual harassment. According to the perverted boss, the mandatory kiss from his female employees “fosters good relationships among colleagues.”

He added that kissing his employees improves his boss-worker relationship with them. 

Of course, netizens have repeatedly called him out for the bizarre company rule ever since the news went viral last 2016.


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