Chinese Man Heals And Predicts The Future Of Women By Fondling And Massaging Their Breasts! How Does It Work?

People pay a lot in order to have their fortunes told. Most wander in Quiapo, where they are able to hand their palms to a seer and let them be read. Others go to a legit fortune teller, who usually charges more in terms of rates. 

But this Chinese man takes the cake--some say he is just a s*xual harasser in disguise while others (the men, mostly) say that he’s a real master at using his “powers” for the sake of touching women’s bre*sts. 

The video of him “reading” a woman’s future was uploaded on the Facebook fan page ‘All about the Philippines’ and it shows him heavily fondling a woman’s br*asts and muttering words. 

It begins with him fondling the right br*ast of the woman and forcing it to move to a direction. Sounds harsh? Painful? 

The woman’s face seemed troubled. It doesn’t really say if the man is actually curing the woman or predicting her future but Viral4Real believes so. 

Of course, there were many netizens who aired out their comments and here were just some of them:

Analiza Hossain: “Na hypnotized ata and babae kc hindi nagreklamo.Gagong manggagamot na'yan mapagsamantala!mga kapamilya nman ng babae nakatingin lang,na hypnotized rin!grrr (with an angry emoji) sarap mong batukan mama ka!” (insert angry emoji)

Meriam July Sultan: “Ibang klaseng manggamot c kuya..kailangan plang lumamutak ng suso..lamutak p mooree!!” 

Connie Lewis: “Kapal ng mukha ni Manong!! Enjoy sa pag lamas! Gago!! Tanga din itong pasyente. Baka gusto nya din” 


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