Did You Know That Putting Garlic in Milk Will Help You Cure Different Diseases? Find out Here How!

Garlic is cultivated and widely used in almost every culture in the world for its myriad medicinal values. It is commonly used in cooking, not only to enhance the flavor of foods, but also for its wonderful and endless health benefits

Meanwhile, many of us grew up drinking milk. Milk is full of nutrients that build our bones and teeth as well as promote the healthy function of your muscles and blood circulation.

However, did you know that combining garlic and milk is also very good for your health? Garlic milk has several health properties especially in reducing body worms and it can also be a pain reliever. You can use this alternative treatment to overcome some diseases. Here’s how:

500 ml of milk,
 Ten cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped, 
2-3 tsp of sugar,
250 ml water

1.    Pour water and milk into a pot.
2.    Heat the pot and add the garlic into it then wait for the mixture to boil.
3.    Make sure heat is at medium. Continue stirring and wait for the mixture to evaporate until only half of the amount you started with is left.


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