Disturbing! 53-Year-Old Wife Mercilessly Physically Abused By Her Husband and Tied Up Using a Metal Chain

Marriage is a sacred institution where two consenting adults swear under the law and God that they’ll support and care for each other. 

Quite simply, it’s when two people who love each other share their lives together. Naturally, problems occur in the household, that’s a part of life. 

However, when domestic violence starts to happen within a marriage more frequently, then what should be a beautiful unity becomes a nightmare. Often times you hear stories of an abusive husband who berates or even beats his partner.

Sometimes those stories of abuse take it way too far.

According to the tabloid website Abante Tonite, a 53-year-old wife named Vivian Carido was kicked, beaten, struck on the face and most disturbingly, was tied to a wall using a metal chain by her abusive husband Emmanuel Carido, 53.

The report states that the couple was residing at the Baseco Compound in Metro Manila. At around 6PM, Vivian was away from her home for a visit to a neighbor’s home. A hungry Emmanuel, angry because his wife hadn’t prepared dinner, stormed over the neighbor’s house. 


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