DIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK: You Wouldn’t Believe What This Diver Found out When He Went Underwater! Shocking!

Imagine that you are a diver who is being sent by your team to an underwater mission where you will supposedly retrieve bodies or anything that might be considered essential. 


 A large ship has reportedly sunk and you are tasked to save anyone—anything—on that accident.

Unfortunately, you didn’t realize that you would be so scared in the underwater—not until now.

This is the premise of the video that you are about to see. It’s uploaded on YouTube by user Jason Eisener and is titled ‘One Last Dive.’

‘One Last Dive’ is actually a short, one-minute long film but you’ll get to see why the video is garnering so much attention—even though it was uploaded in 2013. 

The netizens’ comments were varied, as expected. 

Here were some of them: 

mrlego611: “I would love to see the Behind The Scenes of this.” 

manav: “i am a professional diver.. i saw dead people like this in a plane crash investigation.. i still see them in my dreams.” 

Chihan Lee: “This is why I never dive” 

SalandFindles: “God damn it. I knew it would be a jump-scare at the end, which is why I turned my volume down, almost all the way off.” 

You have been warned. You don’t want to watch this alone. 


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