EROTIKA LAND: Get To Know The World’s First-Ever $3x Themed Amusement Park

By 2018, Brazil would be known to be the country to have the first-ever erotic version of Disneyland. According to Elite Readers, the 80-million-dollra project would soon be the country’s main attraction which would be established in Piracicaba City. The amusement park would have the erotic version of different rides such as an ‘erotic museum, a nudist pool, an erotic version of a ghost train’ and others. 

The extra-ordinary amusement park would also have ‘erotic games, s*x shops and a 7-D cinema’. It would also have the standard Ferris wheel which will give the riders an opportunity to view the surrounding places while having their moments together. Below is the proposed structure of the erotic amusement park.

EROTIKA LAND: Get To Know The World’s First-Ever S*x-Themed Amusement Park

According to its developers, the park is not only for entertainment but it also aims to educate Brazilians about the importance of safe s*x as their workers would definitely exert more effort in encouraging people to use condoms and other contraceptives. They will assure that everything would be legal and safe. They would also be imposing an age restriction where visitors 18 years old and above would only be allowed. Although it is a s*x-themed park, they will strictly prohibit the act to be done in public. They will soon operate a motel where lovers could spend their time


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