Female Passenger Finds A Suspicious Cellphone Left Behind in a Jeepney What's Inside Will Make You Shock!

Sometimes during our daily commute, we find things on the bus or jeep that were left behind by previous passengers. 

This netizen was completely surprised and very amused, at what she found in an old Nokia cellphone which was left on a jeep she was riding in. 

Netizen Christine Guaves shared a Facebook post about the time she picked up the mysterious cellphone alone in a jeep.

According to Guaves, she had noticed the old Nokia model phone sitting by itself on the jeep. She picked it up and kept it open, just in case its owner would call it in order to retrieve it. Throughout her whole work shift Guaves stated that no one contacted the phone to inquire if it as missing. 

Guaves assumed that the old owner didn’t care for the phone too much because it’s an old Nokia model.

She thought of calling for anyone listed on the contacts and the recent calls in order to return the phone. Guaves checked the contacts but couldn’t find any recent calls.

At this point, Guaves said she was getting more concerned that not a single person had called to look for the phone. Her curiousity got the better of her so she decided to check settings of mystery phone.

The settings were configured to view only the phone storage. 

Guaves then changed it to view sim storage. That’s when she discovered something unexpected and incredibly hilarious!

It was then Christine Guaves understood how ‘Hokage’ some people can get.


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