HEARTBREAKING! Check out This Footage of a Young Girl Patiently Waiting for Her Father to Arrive! It Will Move You!

Remember the days when we used to eagerly wait for our parents to come home from work and surprise us with “pasalubongs?”

Or when they simply come home at night and we immediately bombard them with hugs or kisses?

This is what Trending News Portal reported, where a young girl was seen “patiently waiting” for her father to arrive home.

However, unlike us, her own father has a condition—he cannot see and therefore, have to be assisted all the time.

They mentioned that she waits for her father from 8 in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon. According to them, she does this so that she could “guide her father in farming.”

Her father is Nelson M. Pepe who hails from Hindangan Sogod So, Leyte.

Netizens have expressed their thoughts and concerns on the child, saying that she should be helped. In the video, we see her sleeping by an empty sack with a small milk bottle at her feet.

It can be seen that she is sleeping in the middle of soil, with some dirt and twigs. She wakes up near the end of the video and looks around in a daze.

Facebook fan page ‘OFW Global Community’ released the video and said that she’s 5-years-old (she’s already 6 this year) and said that she isn’t able to sleep well at all because she anxiously waits for her father.


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