Husband Carried His Wife's Corpse for 60km Because He Could Not Afford a Funeral Car! Read the Touching Story Here!

Dana Majhi walked 60 km from the hospital to their village in Thuamul Rampur, Kalahandi because he ran out of money and could not afford to rent a funeral car for his wife who passed away. If you think this is an ordinary walk, then you are wrong.

Dana needed to carry his wife's dead body since he can no longer afford to rent a hearse. His wife, Amangadei died from tuberculosis on a Wednesday morning. 

He asked for help from the authorities but they failed to arrange one for them so he decided to carry her on his shoulders and back to bring her back to the village.

"I have requested everyone, but no one listedned. What option did I have other than carrying her?" the widowed man said.

some locals got their attention and had some authorities to take some action to provide help to this less fortunate family. As per reports, it is not the first time that the same incident happened.

Majhi received Rs 2,000 from the government's funeral program and another Rs 1, 000 from the District's Red Cross funds.


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