Husband Puts Chili Pepper On His Wife's Private Part After Cheating On Him!

Cheating has its own consequences and payback. There are instances when people who have been cheated on do nothing but remain silent and forget about the incident. This is maybe because they think that it is already pointless to even talk about this betrayal and how their relationship failed.

However, there are also victims of cheating who would actually conceptualize their plan for revenge. These people want their ex-partners to feel the pain they endured all throughout the time that they have been cheating. 

Facebook page Kabet posted 2 consecutive photos of a woman who was allegedly caught cheating by her partner. As revenge, her partner put crushed chili on her private part and kicked her in the face! The crushed chili can be seen all over the bed and all over her pair of shorts. 

The post then garnered various reactions from the netizens who expressed their disappointments in the post’s comments section. While some of them are concern over the rights of the woman on the photo, most of them are seeing the situation as an acceptable and reasonable scenario. They claimed that whoever catches their partner in act while cheating on them would probably do the same, or maybe even worse. Although there is no clarification and validity available for the authenticity of the claim that the woman was indeed caught cheating, the post is still a friendly reminder for people to stay loyal and committed to their partners.


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