Looking to Get Pregnant With Twins? Try These Tips and Love-Making Positions To Improve Your Chances! - Read The Details Here!

Twins have always baffled scientists – but regular families often love having these unexpected pairs come into their lives.

It can come as a shock to expectant mothers to hear that they’re making room for two babies. However, more often than not, twins are a welcome addition to a family.

But as the saying goes: “The more, the merrier.” 

Here are purported natural methods to conceive twins:

1. Family History

If your family has a history of producing twins then it shouldn’t come as a surprise if one day, your wife or partner has twins of her own.

However, around two to three percent of females in a family can produce twins. Supposedly, older women have better chances of conceiving twin babies.

2.Weight Gaining

If the mother has more weight then it should follow that she has more room for twins. Eating healthy, like cereals and oatmeal could help.

3. Food supplements

Food supplements with folic acids may increase the chance of twins being born by 40% . Take note: you must intake the food supplements before getting pregnant.

4. Dairy and Dairy Products

Dairy products may help develop the necessary hormones to produce twins.

5. One of the natural method is eating yams whereas it is compost of chemicals that can increase the chances of having twins.

Apparently it’s believed that certain love making positions may increase the likelihood of twins being produced. 

We’re not sure how the science works (if it does) – but hey don’t discount it until you’ve tried it.  

These positions would allow for more sperm to reach the cervix easily. 

Here are love-making positions that allegedly helps with making twins. 

1. Side-by-side
(A man lies on his side with the female as he penetrates her from behind)

2.  Stand up position. 
(The male stands up on both feet and lifts/cradles the woman up and down)


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