Lovi Poe Was Filmed By A Guy While On Her Onepiece And This Is What She Did! Watch This!

What does the beach and Lovi Poe have in common? They are both sizzling hot under the sun and looking perfect for this summer.

That's right! If you don't believe us, just take a look at Lovi's Instagram post. Also, looks like her rumored boyfriend, Chris Johnson, is also loving the view.

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Well, who wouldn't?

Looks like she doesn't just love the sea, it loves her back too! If you're one big fan of Lovi and her divine beauty, you probably already know that she will be in 'Mulawin vs Ravena' as 'Magindara', the goddess of the sea. 

Lovi Poe Enjoys The Beach with Her Rumored Boyfriend!


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