Marian Rivera Hits Back At Netizen Who Criticized Her For Breastfeeding Her Daughter In Public!

It is scientifically proven that breastfeeding is the best way to feed babies, especially newborns. This is the reason why many mothers are advocating this practice. However, since the act is sometimes being sexualized, there are people who seem to disagree to mothers doing it in public.

Filipina actress Marian Rivera is among the many mothers who have defended doing breastfeeding in public. During the 1st birthday party of her daughter Maria Letizia Gracia-Dantes, actress Ai Ai Delas Alas filmed them while Marian is breastfeeding Baby Zia. The actress expressed her salute to Marian as she was proud of doing it in public while entertaining her guests.

Despite Marian’s initiative to use an infinity nursing cover scarf, one netizen reacted over the video claiming Marian should not be breastfeeding in public especially when entertaining her guests.

“For me dapat nasa private room siya nag-breastfeeding kasi hindi maganda mag-entertain ng bisita while she's doing breastfeed espicially party. And then [when] she's finished doing her breastfeed pwede na silang dalawa lumabas na mag ina," IG user @melryu wrote.

Marian who is a breastfeeding advocate did not let the comment pass her eyes, so she answered it with grace.

“Walang masama sa pag papadede sa anak in public lalo kung may cover naman. Hindi ka pa siguro nanay o wala ka pang anak kaya hindi mo maiintindihan.” the GMA Kapuso actress said.


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