MUST READ: 7 Dangerous Side Effects of Using Birth Control Pills! #3 Might Save Your Life!

Have you ever tried using birth control pills? 

Birth control pills are one of the most convenient ways to make sure that unwanted fertilization and reproduction does not occur. 

A lot of medical professionals are a suggest this daily administered prophylactic to sexually active couples
It works by tricking a woman's body into thinking it's pregnant and therefore prevents conception.

Yet prior to trying out for yourself, you might want to check out these side effects. 

1. Blood Clots
Using birth control pills greatly increases the risk to suffer blood clots. Blood clots could be the start of several physiological defects and become a bigger problem. So if you experience, severe head ache, pain in your extremities or soreness, consult a doctor. 

2. Excessive Bleeding 
On the other hand, if you take the pills very minimally, this might be one the side effects. When using birth control pills, muscles are most likely be torn and bruised. 


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