MUST WATCH! Check out What Nadine Lustre Was Doing in a Bar! You Will Not Believe This!

Despite portraying dutiful and sweet characters onscreen, Nadine Lustre is just like any typical 23-year-old--she also parties and knows how to have fun, especially in her downtime. 

Case in point: Did you know that she was caught on footage doing something in a bar? The video was uploaded on YouTube by the account ‘Ohania Updates.’

In the beginning, we see Nadine dancing with a friend. It’s not just a regular dance though--it’s what people would consider “sexy,” so to speak. 

Her dance was even played in slow motion by the one who uploaded it so that people could see how s3xy her moves were. 

The next scene featured her dancing back-to-back with the same friend, but this time, her moves were kind of goofy. 

But the next scene is what would probably shock everyone--it showed Nadine circling herself around a pole. The lights are dim and everything’s hazy. 

She’s also wearing another attire so it probably meant that the pole dancing scene didn’t happened the same time as the dancing clip.

It could also be noted that she wasn’t wearing an appropriate attire when she pole danced. In fact, she was wearing a blouse, a blazer of some sorts, and a skirt.

The girl was probably on shooting break when she did it.