MUST WATCH: This 4-year-old Little Girl Is Already Fluent in Speaking 7 Languages!

Learning different languages is incredibly difficult knowing that one should take into consideration the semantics and syntax of each language. It is always deemed hard to understand and speak a language that is not your native tongue.

However, it is amazing that this 4-year-old little girl can actually converse using multiple languages! This little girl, who is a participant of a TV show called ‘Amazing People,’ shocked everyone when she started speaking in English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French and German.

The little girl is named Bella and she was from Moscow, Russia. She showed that she does not only know the meaning of some foreign words but she really knows how to use them in context. She can even handle a whole conversation.

According to online media source Social Pees, Bella’s mother taught her to speak English first when she was 2 years old. The other languages came after immediately.


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