MUST WATCH! This Man Shows People How to Tell If Someone Is Really a Virgin or Not! Find out Here!

Virginity was once used as a way to “measure” a woman’s worth or value but nowadays, with feminism and the need for s*xual equality, people--especially women--are fighting the norms and embracing their rights to s*xuality once more.

But, unfortunate of the unfortunates, there are still some people who think that virginity is everything that a girl’s got and this misconception is still believed by some misogynists and s*xists out there. 

Take this man, for an instance. YouTube account ‘Kwentology’ released a video that showed a man telling his “tips” on how to tell if someone is still a virgin or not. 

The questionable thing about it was, he tried it on his own daughter--who was still not of legal age! The man says that people could allegedly determine if a woman is still a virgin or not by using a rope.

It’s pretty wild (and weird!) but this how it goes: You should encircle the rope around her neck. You have to make sure that it’s not too tight and not too loose. 

Then, gently release the rope around her neck while still holding the “measurement” of the rope that you got from encircling it around her neck. 


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