Need to Lose Weight or Cure Diabetes? Simple Vinegar Can Help You! Read Here for More Details!

Vinegar is a great cooking ingredient nearly every kitchen has. From salads to Pinoy classic dishes such as adobo, Vinegar is that extra sour tangy taste any good food needs.

But did you know that vinegar has many health benefits for your body?

Surely you’ve heard this before! 

For example, vinegar contains acetic acid which fights fungal infection! 

Not only that, but vinegar is also very useful when to comes to combating diabetes and weight loss.

According to Dr. Kyle Johnston from the Department of Nutrition in the Arizona State University, vinegar may help break down certain carbohydrates in the blood as well as lower sugar levels in the blood. 

If you needed an easy formula for losing weight, it’s easy! Simply mix 2 tbsps of vinegar with a glass of water and consume before meals.

However, take note that this method isn’t suggested for hyperacidic people because vinegar is very acidic. Too much vinegar may lead to heartburn or an acid reflux.

Remember to always ask for your doctor’s advice when seeking alternative medicinal choices.


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