Netizens Criticize This Mom for What She Does to Her 3-Year-Old Son.

Milk commercials always note that “breast milk is still the best for babies” and that is a fact. But what if your child is no longer a baby? Would you still use your breast milk to feed him or her during snack time? This mother still does!

YouTube user Spiritual Tasha Mama uploaded a video of herself breastfeeding her children on her channel. However, she wasn’t breastfeeding a newborn; she was breastfeeding a 3-year-old boy.

The mother didn’t post it just to show off, she filmed herself in the middle of breastfeeding in order to raise awareness about moms who breastfeed their children.

Her video shows her lying on the floor while simultaneously breastfeeding her two kids. She used her left breast to breastfeed the 3-year-old while she used her right one to breastfeed her younger 1-year-old child.

She urges women, especially nursing mothers, not to feel embarrassed to breastfeed their children in public places. Apart from targeting mothers, her message is also directed to people who think breastfeeding is abnormal and should be kept in private areas.

Sadly, netizens weren’t able to understand her message and focused instead on how old her older child was. Some of the YouTube users even questioned her on whether she should still be breastfeeding a 3-year-old child.

Still, there are some users who applauded her for doing this to her children.


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