OMG! Check It Out: This Woman's Underwear Fell Down to Her Legs While She Was Performing on Stage! Shocking!

We’ve all had our fair shares of wardrobe malfunctions and fashion faux pas but what happens when you commit the same blooper in front of thousands--or even millions--of people?

What would you do? 

Such is the life of performers and artists, who dance around in front of crowds, only to get themselves caught in such an extremely embarrassing situation. 

This is what happened to a performer who was singing in front of a crowd. She was so into the groove that she forgot to properly wear her underwear! 

The video was uploaded by Facebook user Trevor Clarke on July 2016 but even up to now, it still draws reactions and comments from netizens because of what unbelievably happened.

His caption for the video was, “WAIT 4 IT / LOLLLL” 

It has already garnered a total of 3.2 million views as of this writing (and would probably gain more once you see it, we assure you). 

Here are some of the netizens’ comments: 

Damion Gordon: “I wasn't ready” 

Nikki Fabela: “At least they were clean. She should've went with a Thong. Granny panties. Must've been laundry day.” 

Tina X Tina: “How the hell did that happen loool” 


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